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1220 B.C | The Untold Legacy
1308 B.C | The Great Awakening
1350 B.C | Unknown Era
2090 A.D | Unknown Era
3020 A.D | Unknown Era
13200 A.D | Unknown Era
13250 A.D | Unknown Era

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1220 B.C | The Untold Legacy

Before the Great Awakening Era.

The Alchemist's Legion had just begun opening it's doors to Alchemists everywhere. The idea of creating a foundation for learning Alchemy attracted Saint Carmelo to become a student of the prized Legion.
But, his passion for learning new magic eventually came to an end when he had finally learned that there is nothing left to teach him here which set him off to an even greater path.

Though his pursuit for magic, didn't end there. Eventually his passion led him to an ancient Secret. A young fellow who went only by the name of Dorgan had told him about this dark secret and the location of the Temple where he can find old scrolls inside to cast the spell.
He mentioned that there are spells that can change and alter even life.
With this new knowleage, Saint Carmelo created his own Alchemist group, he called it.

The Fallen Order. Named for the Black Phoenix
Although, he kept some of his secrets to himself, he did demostrate and show others his unique abilities to cure the ill, even resurrect the dead. This led him to become King, as the people had believed that he was a god.
But this knowleage he had grew even more dangerous as he began to use it, he started noicing a strange coinsidence of events.
Each time he had used his new abilities, a strange whisper of words would come to him and the temple started to shook.

At first, he thought nothing of it. But eventually, soon as he had realized what was going on, it was simply to late.
These new abilities he had gained, had a deep price. One that would awaken an ancient Beast once known to an Elder race as the Great Dragon of the Divine Spirits.
Whose power grew each time his host used their new abilites.
Legend has it that every one hundred years, the Beast would awaken from it's slumber to wreck havoc on the world and destroy it's host. Eventually losing it's own magic and returning back to it's one hundred year slumber.
Waiting for another Alchemist, who is foolish enough to gain it's power for a short period of time.

But, with the sheer amount of luck. King Carmelo used his armies to push the Beast back. Keeping it stuck in the Temple for as long as possible.
Though unfornately, the Beast was able to move through solid objects with it's spirital presense. King Carmelo had not foreseen this event and knew that he only had one choice. He stood in front of the Beast and gave himself to it in exchange for the town's safety and the Beast went back into Slumber for another hundred years... Or so we had thought.

1308 B.C | The Great Awakening

During the Great Awakening Era.

70 Years after the Untold Legacy Era,

Before King Carmelo's death, he married his wife and they had two children.
Prince Carmelo and Prince Spaniard were both suitable for their father's throne but only Prince Carmelo ended up seeking it.

This led to Prince Spaniard moving to the Sage Homeworld where he met his wife Rosa at a Sage school Dance.
Prince Spainard and Rosa Spaniard had to children of their own. One named Prince Spaniard II, after his father and Gabrielle Spaniard.

As Prince Carmelo grew more and more depressed, he to had eventually learned of the dark magical abilities brought forth from the Temple of St. Carmelo which the town had named after his father.
From the same man who showed his father the same fate.

But the dark magic eventually became to much for him and the Great Dragon had ended up taking over control of it's own host. Allowing the Beast to do do whatever it pleases.
15 Years later, after the horrific death of Prince Spaniard I, his son and daughter both became Members of the Fallen Order and were tasked with finding the Legendary Sword in order to put a stop to Carmelo's own madness and destroy the Great Dragon of the Divine once and for all.

Something that neither their father or grand father were able to do.

1850 B.C | Unknown Era ??????

No Data Recorded in this Era.

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2090 A.D | Unknown Era ??????

No Data Recorded in this Era.
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3020 A.D | Unknown Era ??????

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13200 A.D | Unknown Era ??????

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13250 A.D | Unknown Era ??????

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