Fallen Order

Destiny Zero Origins

The Past
The Present
The Future

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The Past

Learning from the Past

"From within The Fallen Worlds Awakens a Curse that will set the Great Dragon free."

"If the beast awakens again it will be more powerful than ever before and will destroy not just the town this time but everything we hold dear."
- 1220 B.C

The Present

Preventing our Past Mistakes

"It has been said that throughout every generation a hero would rise and write their legacy within the temple of memories for others to follow and look for spiritual guidance.

Our destiny is the blood we share from whom have walked this earth before us and within our future lies a fate greater than we truly know.
But not every legacy is forgotten and it's with that we find our true destiny."
- 2090 A.D

The Future

Preparing for What is to Come

"Generation after generation heroes emerge from the birth of life given to them by Destiny with their fate set by truth and damnation by lies.

Throughout time periods of the world; legacies are being written from every century to tell the tale of the brave heroes who gave their life's to set us free from the darkness.

It is with that we must find our true path and carry on hoping that our future is not yet forsaken.

The temple of memories tells the truth of our true destiny but only those chosen are able to seek it.

Hidden away for centuries long ago, it's purpose not yet known but only legends can tell the tale."
- 13200 A.D

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